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FreshenOPT I AUDI OEM Drier I Contact us to get a quote 4F0 820 191B

FRD AUDI-13 Premium A/C Drier for Audi A6 05-

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  • Item model number: F RD AUDI-13
  • OE#: 4F0 820 191B
  • Application: A6 05-
  • We have a variety of auto air conditioning parts, contact us today with your vehicle's make, year, model to get a quote

Our Drier:

  • Our drier designed to OE specifications with 100% exact fit and function for an easy drop-in installation
  • Premium quality brazing to prevent leaks and increase durability
  • Premium quality desiccant to absorb maximum moisture in the system


  • The A/C receiver driers’ primary function is to receive and store some liquid refrigerant from the condenser. The liquid refrigerant enters at the top of the receiver and falls to the bottom. A pickup tube with a filter screen extends to the bottom of the receiver drier. This pickup tube draws the liquid refrigerant from the bottom of the receiver drier. The liquid refrigerant then passes on to the inlet of the thermostatic expansion valve.