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FEV VW-37 Premium A/C Evaporator for Volkswagen Crafter 13- (F)

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  • Item model number: FEV VW-37
  • OE#: 2E0 820 091B
  • Application: Crafter 13- (F)
  • We have a variety of auto air conditioning parts, contact us today with your vehicle's make, year, model to get a quote

Our Evaporator:

  • Our evaporators are made with premium aluminum tubes, hoses, fins, and meets OE Specifications
  • 100% Leak-tested at the factory to ensure each evaporator functions right out of the box
  • 100% fit-tested and match with the OE system. Critical core dimensions measured and validated to ensure the exact size of HAVC housing


  • The A/C evaporator is a radiator inside the dashboard which provides cold air for the air-conditioning system. It’s named evaporator because it’s where the freezing liquid refrigerant takes on any heat from the air blown through it and changes into a gaseous state before returning it to the air-conditioning condenser to shed the heat; the process is constantly repeated. The air that emerges from the air conditioner is cold as a result. The evaporator is typically located inside the vehicle’s dashboard and a clogged drainage channel is a common cause of water in the front footwells.