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How Changing Your Cabin and Engine Air Filters Can Save You Mileage

Rising fuel costs globally due to inflation is affecting car owners all over the world. That, coupled with skyrocketing prices of basic commodities, puts a lot of financial strain on most people, forcing them to to cut corners whenever possible. 

Normally, one would think that the best way to save on fuel is to either drive less or not drive at all. However, there are other easier and more inexpensive ways for you to save mileage without changing your driving behavior. One way for you to cut costs on fuel and maintenance costs is by replacing your dirty cabin and engine air filters. Let’s dig deeper and see how these two seemingly simple and straightforward task can help you save some cash.  


How Cabin Air Filters Affect Fuel Efficiency

Replacing your car’s cabin air filter not only enhances the quality of air in your car but also improves your car’s mileage. Yes, you read that right. This simple and inexpensive task can save you more dollars and enhance your car’s performance in the long run. 

So how does it really work? Look at it this way. Whenever our noses are clogged or obstructed, it makes it hard for us to breathe properly. We may experience shortness of breath, making us work extra hard to gasp for air, ultimately affecting our overall function. The same principle applies to cars and cabin air filters. When the cabin air filter is clogged and obstructed, it inhibits the airflow and makes the car’s engine work harder than usual. 

Cabin air filters, when left unchecked, can accumulate dust, dirt, debris, and mold. These all can get stuck in your filter and block the air from coming inside your cabin. When that happens, your car’s HVAC system has to work extra hard to push cold air through the filter. Your engine has to exert more energy which leads to higher fuel consumption. Simply put, the harder your engine has to work, the more fuel it burns, causing you to spend more on gas.

More Than Just Improving Gas Mileage


Even if you don’t mind paying a little more on fuel, clogged cabin air filters will eventually affect your car’s overall health and performance. An obstructed cabin airflow also results in added stress on the HVAC system’s cooling and heating functionalities. This can also lead to overheating in the system’s blower motor which would then cost you some money when you take it to your local mechanic for repair. Not only that, poor airflow can also affect your car’s defogging and defrosting capabilities, making it a driving hazard for you and other people on the road. Replacing their cabin air filter may not be as important and urgent for some people, but ignoring it or putting off replacing it can cause some serious damage to one’s health and wallet. 

Engine Air Filters and Fuel Economy: Are They Related?

In the earlier days, people have greatly associated fuel efficiency with engine air filters. A 2009 US Department of Energy study found that replacing clogged air filters in older carbureted cars can actually reduce fuel consumption by up to 14%. However, modern cars with more sophisticated engine controls prevent clogged engine air filters from affecting fuel efficiency. However, for both older and newer cars, clogged engine air filters affected their performance, particularly their acceleration, slowing it down by 6-12%. When the airflow in the engine is obstructed, it affects the car’s power and acceleration which can strain your car’s engine.


An Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Car and Save Money

Changing your cabin and engine air filters need not be complicated or expensive. It’s something you can do on your own without breaking the bank. You don’t even have to think about hiring professionals to do it for you because it’s easy to remove and install. However, what’s important is choosing high-quality and reasonably-priced air filters that can boost your car’s overall performance and fuel efficiency. 

If you’re looking for a superior cabin or engine air filter for your car, FreshenOpt has a wide collection of filters that combine Japanese and Taiwanese OEM manufacturing procedures to ensure quality and reliability, making sure you only get the most of what you are paying for. To find the right air filter for your car, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or browse our extensive collection here.

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