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  • Urban Air Pollution That We Should Be Aware Of

    The quality of city air lacks the freshness of the countryside air, where there are fewer roads, and even fewer factories or industries. This is the reason why every time we step away from the urban concrete jungle to the mountains, a farm, or even a pristine beach, we start feeling fresher and more energetic.

    Using air purifiers in the homes and cabin air filters in the vehicles can help us allay the extent of damage that pollution causes to our health. Understanding the extent of the damage that can be caused is the first step to awareness and taking action to solve the problem. Your health and that of your family depends on how effectively you combat the problems of pollution.

  • Why is it necessary to replace cabin air filter?

    An air filter is made of a material with very tiny pores to allow air to pass through and to stop all kinds of contaminants. You can think of it like a sieve, only with extremely small pores which collect the contaminants on one side. Just like the sieve, the air filter will slowly get clogged with all the dirt and dust it has collected. This is when you will have to get it cleaned up to make sure that you continue to breathe in the fresh air and the flow of air in your car does not slow down.

  • How does cabin air filter work in your car?

    Cabin air filters, also called "activated charcoal filter", "dust and pollen filter", "air conditioning filter", or "passenger compartment air filter", are just like masks you wear or furnace filters you use at your home, but they are for your vehicle. It cleans the air entering in to a vehicle's cabin.