The primary purpose of cabin air filter is to help clear the air that enters into your vehicle through the air conditioning system, keeping the air inside your vehicle clean and fresh. The cabin air filter is typically located behind the glove box, the corner of the foot-well, under the hood or dashboard on most modern vehicles.

When you change your filter (may be variant for your model):

1. Open the glove box and remove the contents;

2. Remove the limiting stop arm;

3. Release the glove box and take out the old cabin air filter;

4. Install the new cabin air filter and make sure "F" is upright;

5. Replace and secure the glove box.  

As easy as it is!

Here at FreshenOPT, we developed the most effective filters for all of you. Our products consist of 3 different functional layers with great filtration. Our products have over 99% efficiency to trap and eliminate pollen, diesel soot, particulate matter (PM2.5), bacteria, odor, harmful gas, ozone, mold, dust and allergens; at the same time, optimize airflow. We dedicate to provide an invisible shield in your car to protect you and your family.

Please do not forget to replace the used cabin air filter, it's not merely for cleaning air or dust, it's more about to protect people away from these invisible toxics.


For GTA customers, if you need assistance in changing cabin air filter, you are welcome to visit our local store. We do free installation for customers.

We've opened our first offline store at

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