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Urban Air Pollution That We Should Be Aware Of

Be Aware of Urban Air PollutionšŸ­

The quality of city air lacks the freshness of the countryside air, where there are fewer roads, and even fewer factories or industries. This is the reason why every time we step away from the urban concrete jungle to the mountains, a farm, or even a pristine beach, we start feeling fresher and more energetic.

Road Pollution

In cities with heavy traffic and lots of congestion on the road, pollution is higher and so are its impacts. Everything from exhaust emissions to tire wear can be a reason for the adverse effects on the health of urban residents.

More traffic also means that you end up spending more time in the traffic, which means you are exposed for a longer time to the contaminants in the city air. Ā But road pollution is not our only concern when we live in the city.

Construction Pollution

New construction in big and small cities can be the cause of the degradation of air quality as well. The air around construction zones is heavily contaminated with particulate matter as well as volatile compounds which spread around the neighborhood affecting all residents in the region.

The best way to prevent yourself from the negative effects of construction pollution is to reduce the amount of time you spend breathing the air outside. Keep your windows and balconies closed when the construction is ongoing so that you will not have to breathe polluted air.



Since the population density in cities is higher, a lot of pollutants are produced in the form of gases from electronic appliances, furniture, and the kitchen. These pollutants find their way into the air and reduce the overall quality of the air we breathe in.

Pollution leads to numerous health concerns and a huge impact on the environment. The global temperature has been continually rising because of pollution and the number of cases of chronic health problems like cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases have also increased because of pollution.

Using air purifiers in the homes and cabin air filters in the vehicles can help us allay the extent of damage that pollution causes to our health. Understanding the extent of the damage that can be caused is the first step to awareness and taking action to solve the problem. Your health and that of your family depends on how effectively you combat the problems of pollution.

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