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Is Winter a Good Time to Replace Cabin Air Filters?

Generally, cabin air filters are changed on a regular basis, often yearly for most people or may even depend on one’s driving habits and the external environment where they drive. But what really is the best season for you to change yours? 

Most people would automatically assume that spring is the perfect time to replace their car’s cabin air filter. While it may be true due to the prevalence of pollen in the air during that season, winter also is actually a good time to check and change your car’s cabin air filter because of various reasons. Here are four reasons why replacing it in winter is a good idea:

After-effects of spring in summer seasons

In spring and in summer, cabin air filters work extra hard to filter dust, pollen, debris, and other particles from entering your vehicle. Depending on the environment and weather conditions where you live, your cabin air filter may need replacement after those two seasons. If the cabin air filter is clogged and dirty in winter, this can lead to decreased engine performance and airflow that will cause a lot of problems for your car and your health. 

Breathing problems due to low temperature 

According to WebMD, people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma, sinusitis or even allergies experience breathing difficulties when temperature and humidity drops significantly in winter as dry air basically irritates the lungs causing their airways to narrow. That is why it is very important to keep your car free from dust and other allergens that can further cause breathing problems this season. 

Improved Defrosting 

When your cabin air filter in winter is clean and not clogged, it can significantly promote efficient airflow in your car’s defrosting system. This is crucial for defrosting your car’s windows fast which ultimately prevents fogging. This is particularly essential in winter to ensure visibility and safety as you drive. 

Air pollution is worse in winter

The colder air in winter is denser and traps pollutants which makes it stay in the air longer according to Accuweather. Car emissions are actually major culprits that contribute to this pollution and you are constantly exposed to it especially when you drive side by side with other vehicles. To prevent pollutants from entering your car, a clean cabin air filter must be in place to ensure the quality of air you and your family breathe. 

Replacing your car's cabin air filter in the winter season can ensure better air quality during the colder months when air pollution is high and people are more susceptible to respiratory problems. It is also very important to choose a reliable cabin air filter that can provide better filtration and protection for you and your family like the ones from FreshenOpt. FreshenOPT's 3-layer design effectively blocks pollutants from entering your car for a healthier and cleaner cabin environment.

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