FreshenOPT, Canada based company, was founded in the middle of 2019. The premium cabin air filters were first produced to help the founder's sister who was suffering dust mite allergies for years to leave in a clean and fresh environment. When she had a chance to learn about air filters and work in the auto-parts industry, she decided to start her air filter journey to help her sister.

During the time, she was also shocked that how little people knows about the importance of changing Cabin Air Filter and how expensive changing an air filter in dealership is. While she developed a high-grade quality cabin air filter through frequent testing on the technology, materials, airflow, filtration, etc., she is also committed to raising awareness of air quality issues and respiratory health


To provide superior protection to the air quality of our customers and those who care about their health and living environment.


With the reality of increase in air pollution and a significantly rising number of vehicles worldwide, we believe the car emissions, as well as dust particles and invisible particulates, will gradually endanger human beings’ health, cause diseases. Thus, we dedicate to provide superior solutions to ensure the essential well-being of yours. FreshenOPT cabin air filter will create an invisible shield in your car to protect you and the people you care about.


To whom care about the air quality and health, FreshenOPT cabin air filter is an effective way to block pollen, dust, diesel soot, particulate matter (PM2.5), dust mite, odor, ozone, dust and allergens from outside your vehicle. The production is combined with Japanese technology and Taiwanese OEM manufacturing procedures. The products also have earned many quality certifications, including ISO 9001:2015. At the same time, FreshenOPT also offers other premium auto air-conditioning parts for wholesale.